Training seminars on Principles, Mechanisms and Practices of Rehabilitation and Social Integration of Street, Working and Neglected Children

5 August 2003

In the framework of the Cross-Cutting project on Poverty Eradication through Social Integration of Marginalized Homeless Young People in Kyrgyzstan, the National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO together with the local NGO Central Asian Conflict Prevention Center are going to organize 4 seminars addressed to social workers, Executive Secretaries of the Commissions for under-aged children and inspectors for childhood protection on methods and forms of legal protection of rights and interests of children who are in difficult life situation. Two trainings will be held in Bishkek from 5-9 and 10-14 August and another two in Osh from 17-20 and 22-25 September.

The purpose of these seminars is to train local specialists and increase their awareness about the system of work with street children and prevention of children neglect.

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