Tajikistan Bactria Cultural Center winner of the new "U40 Empowered, UNESCO-Sabrina Ho" initiative

5 September 2018

The U40 Empowered: a UNESCO-Sabrina Ho Initiative expands the actions of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) and promotes young female cultural entrepreneurs in the digital creative industries by investing in their creative potential.

Designed to increase opportunities for U40 women to access funding, infrastructure, equipment and co-production opportunities in the digital creative industries, it also supports national policy initiatives and strategies that address the different needs, aspirations, capacities of young women working in this field.

On 9 November 2017, UNESCO and Sabrina Ho, a rising young cultural entrepreneur and philanthropist based in in Macau and Hong Kong, signed a strategic partnership agreement to empower young women and men by investing in their creative potential.

The project Digital Academy Investing in young female cultural entrepreneurs to power digital creative industries in Afghanistan and Tajikistan submitted by Bactria Cultural Centre/ACTED is one of the honored applications. Bactria Cultural Centre will establish a new Digital Arts Academy in Dushanbe for female cultural entrepreneurs under 40 from Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The academy will offer courses on coding, digital creation and entrepreneurship training to help them become competitive on the digital job market. The female graduates will be involved in developing new curriculum, teaching and mentoring future academy graduates. This will help break down barriers women face to spheres of influence.

The Bactria Cultural Centre will launch a creative digital campaign designed by the graduates themselves, to help raise awareness of the role and creative capacities of women. Their digital artistic productions will be promoted, giving recognition to the contribution of women to the digital arts scene of Central Asia for the first time.

The other three projects have been selected for funding:
  • #BeYourVoice (Mexico)
  • Digital Theatre: For women, By women (Palestine)
  • digitELLES (Senegal)
The International Funds for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) is a unique multi-donor, voluntary fund established under UNESCOs Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Its goal is to support the emergence of dynamic cultural sectors in developing countries and to promote sustainable development and poverty reduction through investments in creativity.

Ms Sabrina Ho founder and the Managing Director of Chiu Yeng Culture (CYC), as well as the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Poly Auction Macau Limited, Sabrina Ho places her focus in the development of Art and Culture through actively organizing various types of social activities to promote and empower young artists. Being a young visionary, her passion of elevating the worlds Art and Culture does not stop there and have spread widely on a global scale.
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