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15 February 2021 Centuries may pass, but suzani embroidered by hand never lose their luster
27 January 2021 Training for teachers: Global citizenship for the value of human dignity and respect for all
24 December 2020 Water and COVID-19: a new learning module for school students
11 December 2020 Teachers in Kyrgyzstan implement education for sustainable development online
11 December 2020 UNESCO prepared 19 trainers on distance learning and work in MOODLE for the system of primary vocational education in Kyrgyzstan
10 December 2020 UNESCO supports development of new ICT competency standards for teachers in Kyrgyzstan
5 November 2020 International day against violence and bullying at school including cyberbullying
5 October 2020 UNESCO promotes the development of distance learning courses on SDGs
25 September 2020 Kyrgyzstan: University-based Learning of Community Media Specialists in response to COVID-19
1 September 2020 Open Letter to Educators, Parents, and Students from the Director of UNESCO Almaty
10 July 2020 UNESCO organizes the first of a series of online trainings on distance learning solutions for Central Asian countries
10 July 2020 Webinars on Journalism, "Fake news" & Disinformation
1 July 2020 The first UNESCO online training on distance learning solutions and tools in the Central Asian region
18 June 2020 Education stakeholders and media representatives discuss the role of education and digital citizenship in countering disinformation and hate speech during pandemic
1 June 2020 UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO support Central Asian countries in planning and managing the reopening of schools