Mobilizing science to combat COVID-19

27 March 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the critical role science plays at the forefront of global responses to prevailing threats and challenges. Governments are referring to science to guide them in the measures taken in order to protect their nations, contain the spread of the virus and manage the pandemic. In the context of pressing planetary and socio-economic challenges, sustainable and innovative solutions require an efficient, transparent and vibrant scientific community not only stemming from scientists, but from the whole of society.

With a globalized and connected world, open science can be a true game changer for bringing together scientific, research and innovation communities across the world, and strengthening the relation between science and society. All over the world, researchers and technology developers, engineers, academia, innovators, from private and public sectors, have been embracing the open science concept for making science more widespread and accessible. The unique mobilization of the worlds scientific community during COVID-19 is a testimony of the value of open science without borders. Lessons learnt call for every individuals right and access to scientific knowledge.

The coronavirus outbreak puts open science under a microscope, calling for rapid, free access and public postings of scientific findings. Recognizing the need and importance of knowledge sharing as a pre-condition for open science for all whilst contributing to the advancement of science technology and innovation, UNESCO is calling for a Ministerial dialogue to provide an online platform for Ministers and renowned scientists to share their experiences and lessons learnt on how science has informed evidence based decision making. The ministerial meeting also intends to reaffirm the critical role of science to provide solutions in the war against COVID-19 and other future unknown pandemics and threats.

The Virtual Ministerial Dialogue on COVID-19 and Open Science will take place on Monday, 30 March 2020. Stay tuned!

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