Kyrgyzstan: Workshop on Prevention of Violent Extremism through Information Literacy

15 June 2019

The 2-day workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on the Prevention of Violent Extremism and the need for Information literacy skills will bring together 30 participants from government bodies, civil society organizations, universities, curriculum development institutions and other relevant UN organizations. The workshop will make use of the UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Assessment Framework and adapt questionnaires to the local context.

Following the joint UN scoping mission to assist Kyrgyzstan in the further development and implementation of a policy framework to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism, led by UNOCT and UNDP, UNESCO will contribute towards addressing religious sectarianism and extremism through the internet by carrying out an assessment to better understand the use, causes of and potential of the internet in spreading online violent extremism and countering the phenomena. This is directly linked to the needs request by the Government of Kyrgyzstan, in particular by Ministry of Education and Science on mainstreaming Media and Information Literacy in education sector as to contribute to ongoing measures to prevent violent extremism.

Organizers: UNESCO Office Almaty and Media Policy Institute, Kyrgyzstan.

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