Intercultural dialogue in 5 steps:Intercultural family Kim

18 March 2019

This time we decided to share with you an unusual story of Eduard and Janna Kim. Their uniqueness lies precisely in the mixture of different cultures and nationalities in one family. Their history can serve for many people as an example of the development of tolerance, acceptance of each other and true friendship. Eduard and Janna have 10 children and they do not separate them according to ethnic or any other issues. Please find out their story with us.

This interactive video project uncovers the multicultural uniqueness of the Central Asian region through a series of short films about the life of ordinary people in five main steps: Friendship, Family, Work, Children and Sport.

The main emphasis of the project is a series of interactive tips for promoting intercultural dialogue and strengthening peace in society. Tips that will appear within each video will help many viewers to join the global campaign for the rapprochement of cultures, to realize the value of their participation without any difficulties.

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