Elections and Media in Digital Times

7 December 2020

In response to the forthcoming elections in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic in January 2021, the UNESCO Almaty Office organized a training on Media and Elections in Digital Times for journalists on 7 December 2020 at 14.30 (Almaty time). | #ThinkBeforeSharing | #Elections |

The course address some issues in the run-up to the elections, such as the responsibilities of political parties, election commissions, and journalists not to circulate misinformation and fake news. The course will also include training on interaction with law enforcement agencies, as well as communication on social networks during elections.

A final test is organized for those wishing to obtain a UNESCO certificate.

Agenda and Registration

UNESCO training resources:

Wide spectrum commitment Safety of Journalists
  • Safety of Journalists Covering Protests (English),(Russian)
  • Fostering the relationship between security forces and journalists (English), (Russian)
  • UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Ipunity (English), (Russian)
Internet governance
  • Balancing Act: Countering Digital Disinformation While Respecting Freedom of Expression Broadband Commission research report on Freedom of Expression and Addressing Disinformation on the Internet September 2020 (English) and Executive summary 14 pages (Russian)
Video of the webinar:

Permanent link: http://en.unesco.kz/call-for-trainers-media-and-elections