AralModel - Simulation of water resources of Aral sea basin for the provision of population with quality potable water

1 October 2003

The website reflects works were fulfilled by the Institute of Hydrogeology and Hydrophysics of MON RK as of the project 00KZ11102 "Simulation of water resources of Aral sea basin for the provision of population with quality potable water" under support and participation of UNESCO, and also of National Commission of the project "Water vision of Aral sea basin for the year 2025".

Deficiency of quality potable water in Aral sea basin is one of the basic reasons of worsening of health of population living here. As a possible way of the solution of this problem is more wide utilization of groundwaters. Together with this it is necessary to note that hydrological conditions of Priaralye are complex enough and their study through all the territory is extremely irregularily. Horizons of fresh underwaters border with complexes, containing highly-mineralized groundwaters. It is possible at intensive draining, the overflowing of salted waters into exploitable horizons which can lead to the worsening of their quality. At considerable depressions of the levels of groundwaters it is also possible the drying of some kinds of vegetation. Therefore with the aim of groundwaters resources estimation and forecasting of the possible negative processes, geoinformational- mathematical simulation of groundwaters resources of the eastern part of Aral basin has been made. Short results of the investigations executed are published on our site. Basic conceptions of simulation are discussed, geoinformational model, mathematical model, hydrogeological data base, automated bibliographic systems of publications concerning Aral problem are described. On the base of the results of simulation recommendations as for use of groundwaters of the region are given, directions of the further investigations are planned.

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